How Much does Electric Fence cost in Kenya?

Wildlife Electric Fence

In recent years, electric fencing has gained significant popularity among conservationists, businesses, homeowners, and farmers in Kenya for its remarkable effectiveness in perimeter security, human-wildlife conflict deterrence, and livestock protection & control. A frequently asked question regarding this subject is, “What is the cost of installing an electric fence in Kenya?” In this blog post, we aim to deliver insight by examining the diverse factors that impact the overall expense of electric fencing in Kenya.

Factors Affecting the Cost of Electric Fencing:

1. Fence Type:

The cost of an electric fence in Kenya can differ considerably based on the specific type selected. Options include Wildlife fencing, Farm Fencing, Including Strip Grazing Control, Residential fencing, Including Free-standing and wall-top fence, equestrian fencing, pet control, and portable electric fences. Permanent fences tend to be more expensive due to their durability and extended lifespan, while portable fences are generally of a lower cost.

2. Fence Length:

The overall cost of your electric fence will be largely determined by its length. As the fence’s length increases, so does the requirement for materials, resulting in a higher total cost. However the longer the fence, the more a scale of economy factor comes into play. Longer fences may have a lower cost per meter than shorter fences.

3. Material Quality:

The cost of an Electric Fence can also be influenced by the quality of the materials used. It is essential to look for a MANUFACTURE SUPPORTED WARRANTY. This will come with High-quality components, such as JVA & STAFIX energizers/Monitors & THE SYSTEM ELECTRICS. HEAVILY GALVANISED OR BEZINAL 2000 GALVANISED  high-tensile steel wire, These will offer extended expected lifespans & warranties, providing superior performance & durability.

4. Installation Expenses:

If you decide not to DIY (install the fence yourself), you must account for the cost of professional installation, such as the services provided by Instarect Ltd. These costs can vary depending on the job’s complexity & location, these will affect installer’s rates.

5. Power Source:

Electric fences need a power source, which can be a solar panel & battery,  or mains electricity. The cost of the chosen power source will impact the overall expense of the electric fence. Estimated Costs: Given the numerous factors that affect the cost, it is difficult to provide an exact figure for the cost of an electric fence in Kenya.

Free-standing steel electric fences

However, Instarect Ltd offers the following BUDGET estimates, for Residential Electric Fence

  • For an 8-strand fence (on top of the wall) the installation cost INC. All-electric fence materials, including the energizer is Ksh 1,350 per linear meter.
  • For a residential permanent 15-strand steel or treated Gum post Electric fence, the installation cost and all-electric fence materials including the energizer is Ksh 2,450 per linear meter.
  • Game Electric Fence- For a 15-strand wildlife Electric Fence, with treated gum post steel posts, installation and all-electric fence materials including the energizer is from Kes 2,820 per linear meter.
Wall-top Electric Fence


In Kenya, the expense of installing an electric fence can fluctuate greatly due to various influencing factors. It’s crucial to take these factors into account, along with your unique requirements, when planning your budget for an electric fence. Keep in mind that despite the potentially high upfront cost, an electric fence serves as a long-term investment that can yield substantial advantages in terms of safety and tranquillity. With 33 years of experience in the Fencing field, Instarect Ltd offers are able to offer precise estimates tailored to your needs and provides access to premium electric fence materials from renowned brands like JVA and STAFIX. Reach out to their team of experts at +254721 975 179/0733 600 979 or for professional advice and service.