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Knowing how to survey the site & terrain, our team is able to design & configure Electric Fence solutions for any location, in all types of conditions, i.e. domestic, industrial, farms or wildlife conservation.  Electric Fences will be placed strategically within a boundary.  They come in a number of configurations & can be stand-alone fences with 3 & on up to 15, 21, 36 strands of wire or more as required. Fences can be built as wall top solutions where either 3 or more & usually 8 strand fences are erected offering a secure protective solution, deterring wall climbing or more wires used to prevent breaching through the bricks and blocks of stone perimeter walls.

Uncompromising fence solutions


Electric Fence

High-density electric fences. Wires spaced close together and even more so in the lower intrusion zone.

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Chain Link

Extra high-corrosion resistant chain link for Mombasa – galvanised after weaving, installed at KPRL.

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Anti-dig fencing

High-security residential fence with dual live physical anti-dig and child access proof fence

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Palisade Fencing

Recommended for high security and vandal resistant solutions

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Customized Electric Fence

Instarect offers Customised Electric Fence solutions & DIY consultancy.

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Stafix Energizers

We’ve partnered with STAFIX, using high-spec Energizers & monitors.

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