Our philosophy is to provide innovative and high-quality products.

Instarect are the Authorised Distributors  of the NICE range of gate automation solutions for East Africa. While also offering the centurion range of Gate automation solutions from South Africa.

Gate automation is now commonly accepted as one of the essential options for securing the front entrance to your property. Automatic Gates offer convenience and security while adding value to your property.  We believe that once you have installed an automatic gate, you will feel more secure, especially at night. You will be delighted with the convenience and ease of operation.

Benefits of an Automatic Gate

  • Allows your guard to be a guard and patrol or monitor your property.
  • Allows you to control the gate, particularly in the event of an intrusion. You can let your security response team into the property if the guard has been compromised by the intruders.
  • Take away the potential for the gate to be forced open by an armed intruder.
  • No waiting at the gate on the way home, exposing yourself to potential carjacking hazards.
  • No going out to check or close the gates on a cold, rainy, stormy night.
  • The first impression of your property being secure will deters intruders.
  • Conveniently adding value to your property, it is known that a house sells quicker with automatic gates, impressing prospective buyers.
  • The gates also keep your dogs in (or out as the case may be!) and stop you worrying where your children may be playing. 

Gate Motors

Full range of High speed Sliding gate solutions

Our stock range of Units offered covers from light duty gates of 300Kgs or less right upto the heavy industrial gates of 2500kgs.

Using Innovative state of the art technology gives you Ultra reliable solutions.

Units are easy to use & Simple to program with personal preferences and all with Manual over ride.

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For residential and high-volume traffic areas.

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