ClearGuard Security Mesh

There’s no secret that our ClearGuard Welded mesh fence gives you a clear view of the boundary outside your first line of defense. This is a world-renowned High-security perimeter protection solution. We offer several options to be able to meet both your Budget & the level of Security required. 

ClearGuard mesh wall solutions – Frequently Asked Questions

Where are Weld Mesh Systems used and how to decide which system is to be used?
Weld Mesh Systems are used for any type of Perimeter which needs to be protected by a physical but see-through barrier. Based on the type of location, a system would be custom designed. The most commonly used solutions are listed below along with the relevant security level.
i. Very High Security – Weld Mesh System would be 358 or in more extreme requirements a 356
A system could be used.
ii. High Security – Weld Mesh System would be 3510 Spec Solution.
iii. Medium Security – Weld Mesh System would be UNICO Architectural & Industrial Solution.

Which posts are available for the corresponding systems?
For the High-security systems, the following post options are available.
I-Beam 50mm x 100mm – Best security is achieved with this solution.
For the Architectural and Industrial System, post options available are.
I-Beam 50mm x 100mm
Profile Post (This Post doesn’t require any Fixtures)
Rectangular Hollow Section – not recommended
Square Hollow Section – not recommended

What are the options for the Raw Material in wires?
The most commonly used wires are Galvanized wires. Depending on the coating of the finished option, the
The Zinc coating of the wire would be decided based on the durability requirement.
Alternatively, Galfan wires (95%Zn – 5%Alu) can also be used. This carries a higher cost and is
recommended when the corrosion factor is the primary concern.

What are the options for the final coating of the systems & what are the ideal conditions/applications?
Here there are 3 options as listed below.
• Polyester Powder Coated (PPC) – Dry in non-corrosive environments.
• Hot Dipped Galvanized (HDG) – Humid and medium corrosive environments.
• Thermo marine bonding (PVC) – Highly corrosive environments.

What is the main structural difference between the above options?
358 Mesh Size: 358 stands for mesh size/aperture of 3” x 0.5” & wire diameter of 8 gauge (4mm).
356 Mesh Size: Same Mesh size as above and a wire diameter of 6 gauge (6mm).
3510 Mesh Size: Same Mesh size as above with a Horizontal wire diameter of 10 gauges (3.15mm)
& Vertical wire diameter of 8 gauge (4mm).
Architectural System (UNICO): The Mesh size would be 50mm x 200mm & wire diameter would
be 8 gauge (4mm).
Industrial System: The Mesh size would be 50mm x 100mm and the wire diameters would be 6
gauges OR 7 gauge.

  1. What is the warranty associated with each type of Coating?
    The life expectancy of coating is subject to the environmental conditions on the installation site. However, as
    a general principle, it could be summarized as below.
    PPC Systems: 5 years
    HDG Systems: 10 years
    PVC Systems: 25 years
  2. Which connectors are used to fix the panel to the post?
    Based on the type of post, the below connectors are used.
    I-Beam: 4-way Spider Clamps with a stainless steel mushroom bolt & sheer nut
    Rectangular Section: 4-way Spider Clamps with a stainless steel mushroom bolt & sheer nut
    Square Section: 4-way Spider Clamps with a stainless steel mushroom bolt & sheer nut
    H Post: Spoon Clamp for an A-1 Unico System.
    : 4-way Spider Clamps with a stainless steel mushroom bolt & sheer nut
    for a High-Security System.
  3. Can these systems accommodate additional deterrent layers?
    Yes, Below are some commonly used options.
    • Concertina Barbed Tape – Razor wire.
    • Flat Wrap – Razor wire.
    • Wall Spikes
    • Electric Fencing
    • Anti-Burrow / Anti-Dig for intruders, wildlife, larger snakes & rodents
    • Vibration detection.
    • CCTV works well with these mesh wall solutions.
  4. Where are these Fences commonly used?
    A See-through Anti-climb weld mesh system is highly recommended for :
    • Key & Sensitive infrastructure facilities
    • Warehouses
    • Factories
    • Important government buildings
    • VIP residential areas
    • Power plants (Solar, Nuclear, and Thermal)
    • Telecommunication facilities, etc.
    • Military sites
    • Prisons and correctional facilities
    A-1 Unico® Fence is highly recommended for long-distance fencing and is ideal for:
    • Parks, public spaces, and government buildings.
    • Commercial offices.
    • Shopping malls.
    • Sports clubs and stadiums.
    • Schools.
    • Industrial zones & Lifestyle estates, etc.