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Benefits of an Electric Fence on the Inside of Conventional quarry stone, Instarect Panel Walls & Clearview Fence walls

Introduction: Welcome to Instarect Ltd’s blog, where we delve into the essential world of perimeter security and the principle of layers, the more layers you have the more secure you and your assets. Instarect is Synonymous with innovative solutions & effective Electric Fence Security solutions. Today, we’re focusing on a unique application of internal wall […]

How Much does Electric Fence cost in Kenya?

Introduction:In recent years, electric fencing has gained significant popularity among conservationists, businesses, homeowners, and farmers in Kenya for its remarkable effectiveness in perimeter security, human-wildlife conflict deterrence, and livestock protection & control. A frequently asked question regarding this subject is, “What is the cost of installing an electric fence in Kenya?” In this blog post, […]

Instarect Guide to Installing a High-Quality Electric Fence

Introduction: Electric fences are a versatile & effective means of providing security & containment for Industrial, conservancies, Ranches, and agricultural properties. Whether you’re looking to protect your farm from wildlife & keep livestock safely within their boundaries, containing wildlife within a National park or Conservancy, Installing an Electric Fence will most likely be the most […]

Using Electric Fences to Reduce Human-Wildlife Conflicts

Electric fences have become a popular method for reducing human-wildlife conflicts in many parts of the world. Here in Kenya, These conflicts often occur when wild animals, such as Elephants or Lions, come into contact with human settlements, agricultural lands, or other areas where they can cause damage to crops or pose a threat to […]

Large Area Fence Installation & Management

Management of large areas such as national parks & conservancies & farms requires consideration of numerous security options to keep your area & asset safe & secure.  One should definitely consider installing an electric fence, as this offers the first level of defense by providing perimeter security monitored & managed real-time security.  Just in the […]


Course MONITORING Description This course gives you a deep knowledge on monitoring an electric fence, giving you information about the status of your electric fence while on-site or remotely Level 1 Topics JVA GSMMONITORS JVA BM1JVA ZM1JVA ZM20 Level 1 Cost 6,500 Level 1 Dates 12th April, 2022 Level 2 Topics Perimeter patrol monitoring system […]


Course ADVANCED ELECTRIC FENCING Description This course enables you to understand the operation of the electric fence, powering, maintaining, and troubleshooting as well as fixing electric fence issues Level 1 Topics ENERGIZER TYPES, SIZES, AND APPLICATIONSSecurity energizers with inbuilt monitorAgricultural energizersAC or Solar powered energizersJVA-4 Line KeypadStand-alone Energizer Housing Level 1 Cost 6,500 Level 1 […]


Course BASIC OF ELECTRIC FENCING Description This course enables you to have the knowledge necessary to build an electric fence Level 1 Topics E-FENCE CONSTRUCTIONInstallation & application of wooden postApplication and advantages of metallic postsSoil type effect on electric fencesTypes and application of insulators Level 1 Cost 6,500 Level 1 Dates March 29, 2022 Level […]