Benefits of an Electric Fence on the Inside of Conventional quarry stone, Instarect Panel Walls & Clearview Fence walls

Internal wall electric fences


Welcome to Instarect Ltd’s blog, where we delve into the essential world of perimeter security and the principle of layers, the more layers you have the more secure you and your assets. Instarect is Synonymous with innovative solutions & effective Electric Fence Security solutions. Today, we’re focusing on a unique application of internal wall electric fences. This solution is particularly beneficial when applied to Instarect Wall Panels and quarry stone walls. Let’s explore the advantages of this innovative approach.

  1. Enhanced Security:

The primary benefit of internal wall electric fences is their increased security level. For quarry stone walls and Instarect Panels walls, these fences deter potential intruders attempting to burrow or break through the wall. The electric current provides a physical barrier that will alarm in the event of being tampered with or cut. This is not lethal but enough to discourage unauthorized access, making it an effective security measure for residential and commercial properties.

Internal wall electric fence

  2  Easy Installation:

Internal wall electric fences are relatively easy to install, especially on Instarect Panels. The panels’ design allows for a seamless integration of the fence system, ensuring a quick and efficient installation process. This is also true for quarry stone walls, where the fence can be easily retro-mounted without causing any damage to the existing wall.

3 Aesthetically Pleasing

Internal wall electric fences are barely visible, preserving the aesthetic appeal of your property. Whether you have a quarry stone wall or Instarect Panels, the fence system blends in seamlessly, maintaining the visual integrity of your walls.

Internal wall electric fence + Instarect Panel walls

4 Versatile Applications:

Internal wall electric fences are not limited to a specific type of wall. They can be installed on various materials, including, Link block, quarry stone, and Instarect Panel walls as well as welded mesh, Chainlink, and Tightlock fences. This versatility makes them a popular choice for different Wall & fencing projects, both new and old where the fence is retrofitted.


Internal wall electric fences offer a multitude of benefits, from enhanced security to cost-effectiveness and appeal by being aesthetically discreet. Whether you’re constructing a wall with quarry stone or Instarect Panels, consider integrating an internal wall electric fence for a comprehensive security solution with added layers.

At Instarect Ltd, we are committed to providing innovative and efficient solutions for your security needs. Contact us today (0721975 179, 0733 600 979) to learn more about our internal wall electric fence systems and how they can benefit your property