Customized Electric Fence Solutions

Instarect offer Customized Electric Fence solutions & DIY consultancy

An electric fence is a barrier that uses pulsed electric shocks to deter either animal or a human intruder entering a secured boundary.  The controlled voltage shock has an uncomfortable effect & deters trespassers.  The electric pulse is generated by a purpose built “Energizer”.

At Instarect, we pride ourselves in the high quality of workmanship put into each Electric Fence erected.  Only the best quality fence components with excellent manufacturer warranties are used ensuring that fences once installed lasts for many years. 

Instarect partnering with STAFIX & JVA offer high spec Energizers & Energizer/monitors & Monitors for a multitude of fence requirements, from deterring Elephants to Detecting intruders. Using the JVA – ZM1, ZLM4, ZM20, & ZM50 Monitors Multizoning of electric fences is now simple and cost effective.

Knowing how to survey the terrain, our team are able to Propose a Suitable design and configuration of Electric Fence solution for any location in all types of conditions, i.e. domestic, industrial, farms or wildlife conservation.  Electric Fences will be placed strategically within a boundary.  Fences come in a number of configurations & can be stand-alone fences with 3 & on up to 15, 21, 36 strands of wire or more as required. Fences can be built as wall top solutions where either 5 or more, But usually 8 strand fences are erected offering a secure protective solution, deterring wall climbing over perimeter walls, Instarect also offer solutions to prevent breaching of perimeter walls too.

Electric Fence System Enhancements follow . . . 


Instarect solutions, include a wide range of additional System integrity components:

  • GSM Personal Communication with your fence system from your phone. 
  • JVA’s GSM Modules 

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JVA’s Module allows system information to be transmitted to a number of specific cellular phones, passing over relevant information.  Info that can be communicated, e.g. Electric Fence Alarm, Fence turned off, mains power failure, fence turned on, low battery.  The fence can, if required by turned on / off & reset remotely using the same system.

JVA Perimeter Patrol – 

Perimeter Patrol is software that presents the user with a visual representation of an electric fence system on screen with the ease of operation that a Windows compatible GUI application can provide.  It can also be integrated into existing systems using RS232, RS485, Fibre Optic Cable, Wireless Communication, Local (LAN) or Wide Area Network (WAN) protocols.  The JVA Perimeter Patrol Software Package enables one or more energizers to be monitored and controlled from a PC.

JVA Perimeter Patrol is used to quickly view the status & voltages of electric fences, delivering alerts & even emailing the user when fences, gates need rapid response or attention; arm & disarm electric fences & remotely access electric fence systems.  Icons representing the zones are positioned over an image of the site map.  Status & voltage information from these ones are updated in real time from a remote or central location.  The PC speaker or external Input/Output Interface board can be used to generate audible alarms.

JVA Perimeter Patrol Professional

JVA Perimeter Patrol Advanced adds PC internet connectivity, TCP/IP communications, SQL Database and Server Client options to the security electric fence, giving peace of mind that comes from being able to check that the fence is working from anywhere in the world.

JVA Perimeter Patrol Advanced runs on a dual screen Microsoft Windows based PC connected to JVA Security Electric Fence Energizers via RS232, RS485, Fibre Option Cable, TCP/IP Interface Cards and Wireless.


  1. Client to provide a PC with the following specs:
    1. Windows 7, or higher version of operating system
    2. RAM minimum 4GB
    3. Hard Disk around 120 GB with at least 50% free storage
    4. Provide at least 2 data points inside the security room.

JVA Perimeter Patrol HLI

In addition to PP Professional, PP HLI allows Multiple users over a server network with full internet access from anywhere in the world.  Requirements are the JPAE212 JVA Z Range TCP/IP adaptor. 

  • Automatic spot lights triggered by fence alarms.  Turning on only at night & with tracking lights that can track movement, spreading a wide, bright beam of light.  This not only acts as a deterrent, it offers great visibility for the response team should immediate lighting be needed.
  • Electric Fences can alsobe fitted with flashing live lights alerting that the fence is working & live & tells the owner, his fence is on.