Why Instarect Walls?

1) Secure your property fast
Instarect walls can be installed at a rate of 12-20 meters per day
2) Professional, discreet installation team
Our team aims to keep any disturbance to your garden or site to a minimum
3) Attractive stone facing to blend in with natural environment
4) Affordable solution to all your security and privacy needs
5) Solid, steel reinforced concrete


Foundations are cast as a concrete pad bonded to each pre-cast concrete upright. Depths depend upon local soil type.
Walls are pre-cast steel reinforced vibrated concrete
Security can be further enhanced with the addition of electric or razor wire fencing

Durability – All units are manufactured under closely supervised factory conditions, resulting in high strength cured concrete walls.
Stability – The design of an Instarect wall ensures structural stability in all local conditions including black cotton soil

Site Work
Pre-fabricated Instarect walls ensure that site work is kept to a minimum and the finished site is left clean and tidy.
At the installation rate of 20 metres per day ( after excavation) your property can be secured in weeks rather than months.
Existing fences are removed free of charge. However hedge and tree removal is carried out at nominal extra cost.