Speedo Heavy Duty & Kit

  • For sliding gates weighing up to 1200 kg.
  • The Speedo has been the benchmark in sliding gate automation for more than a decade and a legend in reliability.
  • Powerful and fast 24 V motor and steel gears make it the perfect choice for heavy residential or industrial gates. For high traffic access areas add a PowerPack to your installation to provide you with up to 600 openings per day! 1200kg gate and 600 openings per day – peerless performance!
  • The Speedo’s intelligent integrated controller makes it easily programmable with simplified setup procedures and easy trouble shooting.

Motor features:
– soft start/ soft stop facility
– LED array and display for indication of gate motor status and for easy trouble shooting and
fault finding;
– general purpose relay (potential free)
conveniently allows clients to switch
any auxiliary device;
– the A.S.A.P. mode ensures fast gate
– obstruction detection increases safety
whilst the gate is operational;
– battery back-up
– loop detector facility
– programmable slow down distance
– optional plug in receiver
– lockable manual override release handle;
– 4 cable entry points allow for easy installation