Perimeter Patrol for Electric Fence

Perimeter Patrol for an electric fence, is a software solution that can take you directly to a problem on the fence and save time & money:

JVA Perimeter Patrol Software is ideal for a stand-along system, where the user requires a visual representation of an electrified enclosure and the ease of operation that a Window compatible GUI application can provide.  The JVA Perimeter Patrol Software Package enables one or more energizers to be monitored and controlled from a PC.

Perimeter Patrol

JVA Perimeter Patrol can be used to quickly view the status and voltages of electric fences; alter and email the user when the electric fence need attention; arm & disarm electric fences according to a custom schedule and remotely access electric fence systems.  Icons representing the energized ones are positioned over an image of the site map.  Status and voltage information from the various zones throughout the site are updated in real time from a remote or central location. The PC speaker or external Input/Output Interface Board can be used to generate an audible alarm.

JVA Perimeter Patrol High Level Interface (HLI) allows the user to take control of multiple Perimeter Patrol Sites and display all the sites on one control room screen.  This is idea of offsite management.  JVA HLI is a server which accepts incoming connections from multiple remote Perimeter Patrol sites and send information back to them.  In order to have high level integration, the JVA Range of devices must first be able to communicate with a JVA application such as a Perimeter Patrol running on a Windows based PC.

On Larger sites consisting of multiple networked energizer stations, the ZM20s and ZM50s can divide the individual energizer zones into multiple sectors.  This improves detection as High Voltage zones are broken up into smaller more manageable sectors.  The energizer stations would then, through the LAN, (Local Area Network) be networked back to the control room to the PC Perimeter Patrol Management System. 

Local Area Network to Perimeter Patrol