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For sliding  gates weighing up to 3500 kg.Ideal for industrial use.Irreversible electromechanical400 Vac gear motor with built-inMindy A500 control unit. Powerful: 550 W absorbed output and a peak thrust of over...

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Deluxe 380 V

For sliding  gates weighing up to 3500 kg.The Deluxe 380V is the pinnacle of 380 Vdc power  and strength for any industrial application.Hand manufactured by dedicated craftsmen to exacting standards....

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Run 2500I

For sliding  gates weighingup to 2500 kg. With built-in control unit and inverter. Equippedwith Nice BlueBUS technology, compatible for operation with Nice Opera system.Suitable to operate in extreme conditions, ideal...

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Speedo Heavy Duty & Kit

For sliding gates weighingup to 1200 kg.The Speedo has been the benchmarkin sliding gate automation for more thana decade and a legend in reliability.Powerful and fast 24 V motor and...

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Speedo Standard & Kit

For sliding  gates weighing up to 800 kg.The Speedo has been the benchmarkin sliding gate automation for more than a decade  and a legend in reliability.Powerful 24 V motor and...

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Robus 500 & Kit

For sliding  gates weighing up to 500 kg.Compatible for operation with Nice Solemyoand Opera systems.Faster, smarter, simpler.The South African Robus rangesets the new standard in sliding gate automation.Engineered to meet...

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Robus 250 & Kit

Technical specifications   RB250 Code Electrical data Power Supply (Vac/Hz) Absorption (A) Power (W) Performance data     230 2.1 430     Speed load dependant (m/min) 22 - 24 Force (N) 310 Work cycle (cycles/day) 400 Operations in standby with battery 20 Dimensional and general data   Protection level (IP) 44 Working temp. (°C Min/Max) -20 ÷...

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Why Instarect Walls

1) Secure your property fast
Instarect walls can be installed at a rate of 12-20 meters per day
2) Professional, discreet installation team
Our team aims to keep any disturbance to your garden or site to a minimum
3) Attractive stone facing to blend in with natural environment
4) Affordable solution to all your security and privacy needs
5) Solid, steel reinforced concrete

Foundations are cast as a concrete pad bonded to each pre-cast concrete upright. Depths depend upon local soil type.
Walls are pre-cast steel reinforced vibrated concrete
Security can be further enhanced with the addition of electric or razor wire fencing

Durability - All units are manufactured under closely supervised factory conditions, resulting in high strength cured concrete walls.
Stability - The design of an Instarect wall ensures structural stability in all local conditions including black cotton soil

Site Work
Pre-fabricated Instarect walls ensure that site work is kept to a minimum and the finished site is left clean and tidy.
At the installation rate of 20 metes per day ( after excavation) your property can be secured in weeks rather than months.
Existing fences are removed free of charge. However hedge and tree removal is carried out at nominal extra cost.




Instarect offers two solid structure designs of cantilevercarports and a lower cost for post configuration. Readmore.....
Instarect custom build awnings to each clients particular requirements, these are taken into account specific structural requirements. Readmore.....



  • Shade fabric blocks up to 96% of Ultra-Violet Rays, lowering temperatures dramatically and providing up to 95% shade.
  • Unbelievably versatile.... Water Proof or 90% Shade Net in a huge selection of colours.
  • South African multiknit high quality fabric 
  • Prevents heat buildup as fabric breathes (Z25)
  • Full professional design and consultancy


8 years on Z 25 & 5 years DRI Z

Guarantee On Shade Fabric





Fits all gates
220Volt 0.37Kw Motor
No Locking Mechanism required
Adjustable Safety clutch prevents injury or damage
Manual Gate release ( during power failure)


Fits all gates
220Volt 0.37Kw Motor
No Locking Mechanism required
Adjustable Safety clutch prevents injury or damage
Manual Gate release ( during power failure)

 4 Models to chose from: 

Deluxe II - Std - for Heavy duty applications and gates up to 
6mtr long and 2mtr high - Estate, Apartment Block and light industrial facility
Deluxe II Heavy Duty - Gates longer than 6mtr or gates that require many opening cycles daily (Large apartment complex, estates and heavy industrial facilities)
Speedo 24v

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 4 Models to chose from:

Double Elite Swing Std - For total gate width up to 3.4mtr.
Double Elite Swing Heavy Duty
 - Gate width up to 8mtr 

Double Elite 24v - Battery backed up



Instarect systems are superior to other electric fence systems because of the following:
- Advance notice of intrusion that activates alarm upon violation, causing the intruder to retreat
- The presence of an electric fence deters intrusion
- The house owner is able to detect where and when an intrusion has taken place from the main control panel with our multi-zone systems
- Your security company can receive a signal automatically, upon a violation of the perimeter fence
- Violation / intrusion of the perimeter fence can automatically turn on floodlights
- In case of power failure, the battery will run the system for up-to 14 hours (more if required)
- Maintenance and operational costs are minimised, and the capital cost is justified by the additional security and peace of mind
- Construction is quick and neat with minimal inconvenience to households and garden areas
- Comprehensive anti-dig system with an underground concrete barrier panel between the main fence supports provide total security against intrusion vie tunneling or digging under the fence
- INSTARECT use only the highest quality material and we refuse to compromise this for the benefit of reduced costs




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