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Speedo Standard & Kit

For sliding  gates weighing up to 800 kg.The Speedo has been the benchmark
in sliding gate automation for more than a decade  and a legend in reliability.
Powerful 24 V motor and steel components make it the ideal choice for heavier residential or light  industrial gates.
Its 24 V battery back-up system  ensures continued operation during power  outages
The Speedo’s intelligent integrated controller makes it easily programmable with simplified setup procedures and easy trouble shooting.
Motor features:
- 8 programming levels and self diagnosis
- a master/slave selection automatically synchronizes 2 motors;
- upto 7 pairs of safety beams can be added using only 2 wires, thanks to the Nice BlueBus
-temperature censor to automatically adapt to climatic conditions
Durability: base and release in pressure die cast aluminium and epoxy paint finish.
Silence:  gear motor on bearings ensures silent operation.
Simplicity: compatible with  the Nice Opera system, connect to the hand held O-View programmer for a simple and easy to use interface. You don’t’ have to be on your knees to program a Robus!
Compatible: with  Nice Solemyo
solar power  kit. Just plug it in to harness the power of the sun and enjoy a cable free installation!




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