Instarect offers Customised Electric Fence solutions & DIY consultancy.

An electric fence is a barrier that uses pulsed electric shocks to deter either animal or human intruders, entering a secure boundary.  The controlled voltage shock has an uncomfortable repulse effect & deters trespassers.  The electric pulse is generated by a purpose-built “Energizer”.

At Instarect, we pride ourselves on the high-quality workmanship we put into each Electric Fence.  We use only the best quality fence components, combined with excellent warranties, ensuring a long-lasting fence solution for you. 

Instarect is partnered with STAFIX & JVA, using high-spec Energizers & Energizer monitors. The JVA Monitor offers intruder detection solutions for a multitude of specialised fence requirements. Using the  JVA – ZM1 single zone monitor, up to the 20 zone ZM20. The fifty zone ZM50 is ideal for large housing complexes.

Knowing how to survey the site & terrain, our team is able to design & configure Electric Fence solutions for any location, in all types of conditions, i.e. domestic, industrial, farms or wildlife conservation.  Electric Fences will be placed strategically within a boundary.  They come in a number of configurations & can be stand-alone fences with 3 & on up to 15, 21, 36 strands of wire or more as required. Fences can be built as wall top solutions where either 3 or more & usually 8 strand fences are erected offering a secure protective solution, deterring wall climbing or more wires used to prevent breaching through the bricks and blocks of stone perimeter walls.

elephant fence
Custom Elephant Fence
custom fence
Lowered section secures stock but allows wild life to cross

High-density electric fences. Wires spaced close together and even more so in the lower intrusion zone.

Culverts and Drifts

Uncompromising fence solutions

High-security residential fence with dual live physical anti-dig and child access proof fence

pet control fence

Pet control fences and kits

INSTARECT only uses materials of the highest quality.

Whether you require electric fencing, clear sight mesh fencing, razor wire fencing, chain link or palisade, our wide range offers you solutions for all your needs.

electric fence


palisade fence
palisade fencing
electric fence