About Us

Instarect operations launched with the aim of providing quality perimeter protection with among other solutions, electric fence. This consisted of our first product, prefabricated concrete walls (The system was a resounding success). Operations opened with a staff of seven employees and grew rapidly from there.

In 1992, Instarect introduced electric fence & electric fencing, complementing the walls. With several hundred kilometres installed to date. Electric fence systems custom designed to cater for simple stock control to dangerous wildlife & high-security Installations for the prevention of undetected intrusion. 1993, saw the opening of trade between Kenya & South Africa, Instarect consequently launched with great success the highly successful range of Razor wire from Cochrane steel, Concertina Razor wire, Electro coil, Razor Mesh, Flat wrap and the unique Palisade steel fencing as used extensively by the diplomatic missions the world over and in Kenya principally at the British High Commission residences, Swedish, Canadian and Turkish Diplomatic properties. With hundreds of kilometres of various electric fences installed to date, Instarect continues to clearly be the Kenyan market leader for electric fences. Continued success with our perimeter protection systems has come along with a reputation for “quality without compromise” with electric fence.


Instarect will champion the highest levels of quality, service and integrity to be successful, efficient and the preferred provider for electric fences.


To be a re-known household name and consistently be the customers preferred choice for electric fences.

Stand alone Electric Fence
Electric Fence with Wooden posts